Visit Venice with us

First step to understand Venice

Visit Venice

Students coming to Venice for the first time need help to better understand how the city works. Venice is a beautiful city to visit and we are very happy to live here and be able to answer the question “What to do in Venice”. During our walk around Venice which will last about an hour we will recommend a series of cultural and sporting activities that you can do in Venice whether you stay for a week or decide to stay in Venice for a longer period. We will also inform you about the rules to follow in this city, one of which is “keep to the right” especially when you are in very narrow streets (calli)… We will recommend a series of unmissable panoramic points and to answer your question “What to do in Venice in the evening” we will give you a brochure with a list of cultural associations that organize events in Venice and we will recommend a series of concerts in clubs, churches or in beautiful Venetian palaces.

Once the first lesson of the Italian course is over… visit Venice with us and afterwards we will go for a drink at the Italian language meetup in a traditional tavern (bacaro) in Cannaregio.

/ Details 

  • Day: Monday
  • Schedule: 4.30-5.30
  • Meeting point: Tre archi hotel
  • Just for our students


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