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Не только курсы, но и реальные впечатления

Это и многое другое — легкий итальянский язык и искусство

Изучение итальянского никогда не было проще

Это и многое другое — легкий итальянский язык и искусство

Летние курсы итальянского в Тоскане

Это и многое другое — легкий итальянский язык и искусство

/ Индивидуальный курс итальянского

Индивидуальный подход, отвечающий всем потребностям студента, делает эти курсы идеальными для тех, кто действительно заинтересован в изучении итальянского языка в Венеции. Помимо этого, мы гарантируем вам максимальную гибкость в том, что касается расписания и места проведения индивидуальных занятий – существует возможность проведения занятий у вас дома, на работе или в отеле в Венеции, в Местре и в Маргере (пригороды Венеции).

  • Индивидуальные занятия
  • Гибкий график (утро, день, вечер)
  • Уроки на дому (Венеция и Местре)
  • Уроки по Skype
начиная с € 140.00 / неделя

/ Курсы итальянского

Наши курсы итальянского в Венеции это прекрасная возможность изучения итальянского языка в паре, либо в небольшой группе студентов со всего мира, по инновационным и развлекательным методикам.

  • Групповые курсы (Максимум 5 человек в группе, 15 учебных часов в неделю)
  • Интенсивные курсы (Максимум 10 человек в группе, 20 учебных часов в неделю)
  • Занятия утром, днём и вечером 
  • Коммуникативный метод, грамматика в контексте
начиная с € 200.00 / неделя

/ Курс по искусству 

Венеция и её художественные сокровища ждут вас, и наши учителя готовы открыть для вас шедевры знаменитых венецианских художников, от средневековья до наших дней.

    • Внеклассные занятия
    • Посещение церквей, музеев, дворцов
    • Преподаватели – выпускники по специальности «сохранение культурного наследия»
    • Курс проходит на итальянском языке
начиная с € 45.00 / 3 часа


Не стесняйтесь писать нам, мы в вашем распоряжении.

My teacher, Michelle, was not only a very well-prepared professional, with a MA in languages and experience teaching Italian to Italian students at Ca 'Foscari university, he was also incredibly accommodating of my schedule and was a very friendly guy and pleasant company to be around. I hope to go back some day and take more classes with him.

thumb Alexandra van Riel
31 июля 2019

If you want to learn Italian and have fun doing it run, don’t walk, to this wonderful Italian language school! My husband and I took lessons from Michele while we were in Venice this month. At first, we were shy and intimidated about learning the language, but Michele put us at ease by immediately breaking down the wall that often exists between teacher and student. He sensed our hesitation and our learning capabilities and tailored his lessons to them. As a result, we became comfortable during our first lesson and learned a great deal over five lessons. Before our classes ended, we were able to use Italian to shop and order in restaurants. Besides being professional, prepared, and an excellent teacher, Michele is a great guy and a lot of fun. We joked around and laughed a lot during our sessions. Plus, Michele is very flexible and accommodating. While in Venice, I had to ask Michele to reschedule our lessons because I caught a cold and lost my voice. He responded with a great deal of empathy, understanding, and kindness. Michele makes learning

thumb dolores palma
20 февраля 2020

During the hottest days in August I had the opportunity to take individual Italian lessons. Pretty poor preconditions to stay focused and motivated in classroom. Thanks to Michele’s open-minded personality and his varied lessons my week of daily teaching units gave me great pleasure and the heat was quickly forgotten (also thanks to the air-condition). With the help of countless games I could improve my speaking skills a lot and gained new confidence. In addition, we repeated phrases, tenses and prepositions in a very pleasant working atmosphere. To put it in a nutshell, I was extremely satisfied with my experience and I deeply recommend giving it a try!

thumb Rupert Gruber
19 октября 2018

September warmth in Venice is the perfect time and place to experience Italian language and Art particularly when the Venice Bienale is on. Easy Italian Language & Art (Eila) provided our dual purpose - a convenient location to the train station yet in a quiet residential area away from the multitude of tourists that pull their wheel drawn luggage over the bridges. Eila is a small intimate school with a capacity to satisfy any students needs, i believe. For my daughters 5 days and my 2 plus weeks stay, it was both our school and accommodation. Michele Lenzerini teacher and director and Daniela provides original, personal, animated lessons that stimulate and encourage learning of the Italian language and culture. Old fear based patterns around school and study are quickly released with the fun, games and play engaged in with his original methods. He is kind, funny, flexible and tailors the lessons to the individuals needs. The lessons also have a solid structure and challenge the student to engage and articulate and yes it requires study and usage. Art and Venice are synonymous. Eila school gave tremendous support to my particular art interests and project there and I’m grateful to Michele and Albina for their support and help with this. It was very helpful to me to have individual lessons, however when I return, which I plan to do next year, i hope to join in group sessions. I have come away inspired and eager to continue learning in the IIC-Dublino, and with the help of Michele Lenzerini's book and website.

thumb Frances Mezzetti
10 октября 2017

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