Learn Italian and play tennis

Enjoy Italian and Tennis


Learn Italian language and play tennis

If you would like to learn Italian in a fun way and at the same time you like playing tennis, this is the perfect combination for you. We will study together Italian language in a nice garden close to the tennis court and then we will play tennis. If you are a total beginner, no problem! We will do a survival language course where our teachers will explain to you useful sentences and the base of grammar, you can use on your Italy trip.

For intermediate/advanced students fond of tennis we can also customize Italian lessons on tennis topics such as the origin of tennis in Italy, the best Italian tennis players in history, and the best tennis tournament in Italy…

Teachers are not tennis professionals, so if you are a champion be patient with them.

Just keep in mind that we will play just for fun, it is not a competition.

The tennis play court is on Murano island close to Venier boat stop. We can meet there and you can check Chebateo boat app schedule. 

Let’s go to study Italian and play tennis!



– Shower available

– Play court in Murano island

– Individual lesson 

– Group course if available


/ Individual course – Italian Language courses + Tennis

Italian course (1 hours) + 1-hour tennis match 

60 Euro

Monday-Friday  5 hours Italian lesson – 5 hours tennis matches

€ 300

 Italian group course (7,5 hours per week) + 5 hours tennis matches

Italian course (1 hours) + 1-hour tennis match 

60 Euro

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