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One-to-one Italian courses Guaranteed result

Individual Italian language lessons in Venice (Private Italian lessons) are the best way to learn Italian in the shortest possible time.

  • First of all, the personalized teaching that meets every need of the student makes these one-to-one Italian courses in Venice perfect for those who really want to learn the Italian language in Venice.
  • Secondly, while we guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of time and place of one-to-one Italian lessons, we inform you that we can organize also individual Italian lessons directly in your apartment, workplace, hotel, in the area of ​​Venice and Mestre and Marghera(10 euro more per lesson).
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, our modern techniques based on speaking, conversation, grammar in the real context, music, singing, and body movement will help the students to make a quick learning process.

Please remember that if you want to cancel a private Italian lesson, inform the school by 6 p.m the day before the class.

One-to-one Italian lessons last a minimum of 60 minutes for the lesson. You can decide also to book only 2 days and choose the number of hours that you prefer.

We organize one-to-one lessons also on Sunday (10 hours per hour more).
In conclusion, we love to make you learn Italian, let us do it and you will be satisfied!


Our professors graduated from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and are specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners. They have considerable teaching experience in Italy and abroad; they use communicative methods explaining Italian grammar, inserting those methods into real contexts of everyday life. This is very useful to help students understand the importance of grammar itself. Modern teaching techniques such as ludic teaching, Total Physical Singing Response created by the school director, role play, moving teaching activities, and listening exercises, make lessons always dynamic and fun, helping to speed up the time it takes for language learning.

/ Details

  • Tailored lessons
  • Flexible hours (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Home lessons (Venice and Mestre)
  • Skype/Zoom lessons available
  • Modern and dynamic methodology
  • Grammar in the context, fun educational activities
  • Discount for University Students
  • No Registration fee

/ Costs and offers

1 hour / € 49        (Reduction for University Students:  € 35)
5 hours / € 225    (Reduction for University Students: € 175)

10 hours / € 450

4 lessons 140 euro      (University Students: 120 Euro)

10 lessons  350 euro      (University Students: 240 Euro)

1 lesson 60 minutes – Available also 30 minutes lesson 25 Euro per lesson

5 hours / € 225            (Reduction for University Students: € 175)
7.5 hours / €    338      (Reduction for University Students: € 263)
10 hours / € 450          (Reduction for University Students: € 350)

Flexible hours chosen by the student.


10 hours/ € 450        (Reduction for University Students: € 350)
15 hours / € 675      (Reduction for University Students: € 525)
20 hours / € 900       (Reduction for University Students: € 700)

Flexible hours chosen by the student.

15 hours / € 675              (University Students: € 525)
22.5 hours / € 1012           (University Students: € 788)
30 hours / € 1350            (University Students: € 1050)

Flexible hours chosen by the student.


20 hours / € 900         (University Students: € 700)
30 hours / € 1350       (University Students: € 1050)
40 hours / € 1800       (University Students: € 1400)

Flexible hours chosen by the student.


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