The growth of technology has transformed how people learn and access education, especially languages, an area in which interactive software provides a choice to an increasing range of people: today, almost everybody can access foreign language education. And there is an increasing number of people who are trying to find out the best way to learn Italian online.

In this particular historical period, many of us are housebound, looking for new hobbies and pastimes to spend time productively. So why not spend this time learning a new fascinating and original language like the Italian language? It could be the best moment to approach the most romantic language in the world, out of pure curiosity, for professional purposes, or in anticipation of a future journey, but the question remains: how can I learn Italian from home only using online tools? And if so, what is the best way to learn Italian at home?

Is learning Italian online a thing that works?

The first question that may come to your mind might be: can you seriously learn Italian while sitting at home in your nightwear?

Well, online language learning is a reality nowadays. More and more people are approaching the Italian language of their own free will, also because of the ease with which you can find ways to learn in an easy, quick, and comfortable way. The Internet gives you the possibility to speak online with native speakers, attend free or certified courses, download apps, or consume multimedia. But watch out: consider your choices, and follow the proper order on how to learn Italian online if you want to avoid unpleasantness and regret while learning.

What is the best way to learn Italian at home?
What is the best way to learn Italian at home?

Step one: choose the proper way to learn Italian from home

Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight, so goals should be set according to how many hours you can dedicate to studying and practicing. The more time you can allow yourself, the better.

It also depends on what you mean by learning Italian: do you want to learn to the point where you can navigate and have relatively simple conversations, or do you want to study most professionally?

There is a wide variety of opportunities to move the first steps into the Italian language, but first of all, you have to plan your studies according to your needs, and, most of all, to your knowledge of the Italian language.

Are you an absolute beginner? Did you study Italian at school and you only need to practice? 

So choose wisely: the Internet is a wonderful tool for learning how to speak Italian but like all tools, you must learn to wield it properly.

Learning Italian via Skype or Zoom: the best way way to learn Italian online at home
Learning Italian via Skype or Zoom: an effective way to learn Italian at home

Step two: attend an Italian online class

Whatever your level is, it is recommended to follow an online course with a certified teacher who can give you the right tools and advice to begin your studies or to refresh your Italian fluency, and customize the lessons according to your level. This is for sure the best way to learn Italian online.

If you are a beginner, this is the first step you should take: learning Italian via Skype or Zoom is one of the most affordable and stimulating ways to study. 

You can access your classroom anytime, anywhere—freeing you from the limitations of routines, schedules, and geography. You (and only you) decide when to learn, where to learn and how to learn.

But the greatest advantage is that teachers correct you immediately by using the keyboard, giving you the right imprinting in your memory.

Italian online courses are also suitable for an intermediate or advanced level learner, even if you need to prepare for Italian language exams such as CILS, CELI, PLIDA.

Learn the Italian language at home
via Skype or Zoom
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Step three: practice, practice, and practice

Don’t be scared to speak Italian, especially if you are a learner. Attempt to practice conversing with someone who’s a native of the Italian language if you want to immerse correctly in pronunciation and fluency: there are many free language exchange websites as well where you can find native speakers to train with.

If you choose to study Italian with a certified teacher in step two, you probably take your online Italian lesson with a native Italian speaker, who will also help you by choosing conversation topics that you like.

Also listen to Italian songs, podcasts, YouTube videos, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows in the Italian language: you don’t even have to focus your full attention to benefit.

Learn how to speak Italian online with native speakers and tutors

Communicating in Italian can be challenging and intimidating at first, but native speakers can help you improve your skills and build your confidence. And most of all, you need someone with the right skills. This is why the easiest way to learn Italian online is to attend an online Italian course.

Learning Italian attending online classes can be satisfying…

So, what are the benefits of learning from a native speaker?

First of all, you will improve your pronunciation. The more you speak, the more likely you are to pick up on the subtleties in pronunciations without even trying. This will lead to you seeming much more like a native Italian speaker yourself.

Consequently, conversing with an Italian tutor will increase your ability to understand the Italian language from native speakers, who tend to talk much more quickly: understanding can seem daunting at first, so this is why it is important to get familiar with Italian speech habits and cadences, to understand the Italian language outside of an educational context.

Last, but not least, learning Italian with a tutor online will enhance your ability to hold real conversations without the intimidation factor.

Italian language online courses
Studying Italian via Skype or Zoom is easy with us

Learnin Italian language online

… and also funny!

Studying a language doesn’t always have to be dull and tedious: learning Italian should be challenging, but nobody ever said it has to be boring.

Having fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what you can learn and how much you can retain. Studying languages, especially the Italian language, requires repetition and commitment, and if the experience is fun, it can help you to stay curious and keep coming back for more.

Learning needs fun: it’s a scientific fact.

This is why one of the most pleasurable and clever methods of learning Italian online is by playing games.

Such games can be played through apps on your smartphone or games on the internet, or even during an online lesson. The greatest benefit from playing the game is that while you’re absorbed in it, you’re learning: rather than pay attention to learn Italian, you simply concentrate on doing well in the game. Furthermore, learning through games motivates you to learn more about the language.

Besides all that, games offer a great way to break up your study routine and have a little fun! 

The best way to learn Italian online at home: it has to be funny!
Learning Italian online at home can be funny!

During your Italian Skype lesson with our school E.I.L.A – Easy Italian Language & Art, you can also play a game while studying, such as TPSR, a kind of role-playing game where your teacher starts to sing sentences with verbs doing the actions. Next, you write it down, even if it is incorrect, then you repeat the action and sing it too! At the end of your performance, your teacher gives you the correct sentence.

Another effective game created by our school (unfortunately not playable via Skype) is the Hands Eyes Feet (H.E.F.) method. It is based on the movement of the hands and body and drives you to improve your speaking, writing, reading, and understanding of the Italian language. You never get bored with the game, providing an enjoyable and entertaining way to learn.

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Multimedia: a playful way of improvement

Multimedia, which can be found easily nowadays, can be used to improve Italian language skills. The use of TV news, comic strips, movies, YouTube videos, and apps are among the multimedia that can be used to practice language learning.

If you wish to master your Italian using online tools language, this is a very popular way and some say a real revolution in learning the Italian language at home. Such tools are easy to use and can be a very satisfying way to learn Italian vocabulary. Even if learners find them useful, some recent studies have shown that multimedia tools are effective with learners who are also signed up for language courses for extra practice.

Best place to learn Italian? Also at home

The choice is wide and the ways are countless, so just choose the one that best suits your expectations, level, and even your budgets.

Technology has therefore changed the way we learn and access language learning: the Internet is an important tool that helps us break down the barriers of time and space, allowing us to select methods, conditions, and costs for our learning. But nothing is important as being followed by an Italian teacher, who always has the right tools to teach the language. So, the traditional approach, which consists of learning grammar and practicing constant and correct repetition, followed by a professional figure, is always the best way to learn Italian, even online. As if you were really in the classroom, but more comfortable!