It is well-known that the best way to learn a foreign language is full immersion training in a foreign country, where you communicate only with native speaking people and attend an appropriate school.

Some languages are particularly challenging, while others are easier to pick up, though it depends a lot on what your native language is. But almost everybody agrees that the Italian language is as much fascinating as complex. So the first question that you wonder when you wish to come to Italy may be: “What is the best place in Italy to learn Italian?

This is a very frequent question for many reasons: first of all because of the presence of many regional dialects, that sometimes are a really distinct form of language. So you need to choose wisely if you wish to learn the correct pronunciation, intonation, and mannerism.

If you are motivated to study Italian in Italy, you should find a place where you can also study in a specific school for foreigners. And if you dream of art, beautiful landscapes, excellent Italian cuisine, and an unforgettable experience, well, it does exist.

Venice, the best city in Italy to learn Italian
Venice, is the best city in Italy to learn Italian

The best city to study Italian in Italy: Venice

There is a city that meets such requirements: Venice.

One of the most unique cities in the world, built on 117 different islands linked by 150 canals and around 400 bridges and pavements.
Everybody knows about the charming canals, bridges, and waterways, but one of the most particular features is the absence of cars, so you can easily walk around or move aboard the Vaporetto or a gondola.

Sometimes people have a misconception about this city because it is perceived as an open-air museum, but it is a real city and there is no opening or closing times.
Also, the natural phenomenon of Acqua Alta is sometimes considered as a show, but it’s real, though it is not dangerous at all.

Venice is a perfect place to start learning Italian in Italy also because Venetians are welcoming and open-minded people as they come from a seafaring tradition and they deal with tourists 24/7.
Venetians have their own strict dialect, but they usually speak standard Italian if addressing somebody who is obviously not a local, and most of them speak very good English.

Our school is in the beautiful district of Cannaregio close to Tre Archi bridge, and it offers Italian language courses for all levels, and also art history courses. Discover the details at

Italian courses in Venice
Small groups, maximum motivation

Italian courses outdoors in Venice

The best place to study Italian: let yourself fall in love with Tuscany

People in Tuscany are very proud to claim their homeland as the cradle of the Italian language.
The most important poets of the 12th century, such as Dante Alighieri, wrote in high Tuscan dialect, which is considered the basis of modern Italian. Nowadays, Tuscany is the only region where there aren’t real and proper dialects, but only a different accent between cities and the way Tuscan people speak is to some extent, the closest one to standard Italian, which makes Tuscany the best region to learn Italian in Italy.

A landscape of Tuscany, the best region in Italy to learn Italian
A landscape of Tuscany, the best region in Italy to learn Italian

The Tuscan countryside is full of natural and cultural treasures, landscapes of great beauty, and environmental quality: it is considered the paradise of Italy.
In Tuscany, you can also visit the historic cities of Florence, Pisa, and Siena, and all the minor medieval centers scattered around the region, as well as an extensive seaside, stunning mountains, and soft rolling hills. Last, but not least, Tuscan cuisine is one of the most healthy and rich in flavor in the “Bel Paese”.

Learning Italian in the Tuscan Maremma

But if you wish to visit Italy during summer, Maremma is the right choice where you can find all of these qualities: this territory is situated in the southern part of Tuscany, remaining true to its ancient peasant roots, and less contaminated by the tourist explosion. In this stunning corner of Tuscany, you can find natural wonders, from Italy’s most uncontaminated beaches to nature parks and Roman and Etruscan archaeological sites.

A landscape of the Tuscan Maremma
A landscape of the Tuscan Maremma

You cannot miss the city of Follonica, located at the center of a beautiful gulf, across from Elba Island, and it is one of the best places where you can spend your holidays and learn Italian at the same time, enjoying the white sand of its beaches, equipped for sailing and underwater sports, the pine forest, the hills of vineyard and olive groves, and the clearness of the water.

If you attend our Italian summer courses in Follonica, fun, culture, and relaxation are guaranteed!

Italian summer courses in Tuscany
Going on holiday studying Italian language

Learn Italian in Maremma

Learning Italian in Italy? It is easier than you can imagine

Are you ready to study Italian in Italy? So now you only have to choose your favorite accommodation: our school will provide you the tools to study Italian most easily and quickly, and you will experience a unique journey by fully-immersing yourself in our culture and language.

Are you fascinated by Venice and its magical atmosphere?

“Easy Italian Language & Art” (E.I.L.A) is a small Italian language school in Venice, situated only a few steps from the lagoon.

There is a wide choice of innovative courses for all levels: you can also learn Italian safely outdoors thanks to “ The Italian on the moving course”. This course takes place by visiting Venice, so you avoid locking yourself in a class. Teachers will also send you grammar materials to your email or mobile so you can gain deeper information.

The course is for beginners, intermediate, advanced students. One of the best points of this course is that you will immediately reuse what we learn together.

If you wish, you can attend an Individual Italian course, which is the best way to learn Italian in the shortest possible time, in pairs or with small groups of students.

If you love art and want to study Italian in a different place from a simple school, you can also attend the innovative Italian course at the museum, the first course of this type in Italy.

Italian language school in Venice
The right choice for learning Italian

Italian school in Venice

Or do you want to experience the stunning countrysides of Tuscany?

E.I.L.A. allows you to learn Italian during summer in Maremma, in Follonica. You can spend your time on the beach, or visiting the Tuscan countryside with its natural parks and medieval villages. People in this area speak in a very understandable manner: Maremma is one of the best places in Italy if you want to learn Italian correctly.

You have the opportunity to study during the morning in an exclusive location, while in the afternoon, among several cultural activities, you can enjoy our guided visits to villages and naturalistic places, tasting of wine and food, and also windsurfing courses or horse riding in the pinewood.

Our summer courses in Follonica are of 10/15 hours per week. For further information send us an e-mail filling the field here.

E.I.L.A. Is the right choice. For sure

“Easy Italian Language & Art” is a small school: our philosophy is to be always close to the students.

Our qualified native teachers use modern and fun techniques that will make you feel comfortable with the Italian language since the first lesson.

You can study in Venice, an extraordinary architectural masterpiece, UNESCO World Heritage property, and also the best city to learn Italian in Italy. Or you can choose the uncontaminated seaside in Tuscany, and discover this unique region where time seems to have stood still.

So, why are you waiting any longer?