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This and much more is Easy Italian Language & Art

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This and much more is Easy Italian Language & Art


Our Italian school Venice offers individual Italian language courses in Venice are, in other words, the best way to learn Italian in the shortest possible time. The personalized teaching that meets every need of the student makes this individual Italian course perfect for those who really want to learn the Italian language in Venice.

Starts from € 225.00 / week



Our Italian courses in Venice are the opportunity to study Italian in pairs or small groups of students from all over the world, with innovative and fun techniques. Enjoy our Italian language courses in Venice

  • Group courses Max 5 students (course of 15 hours per week)
  • Semi-private course – 2 stud. (10 hours per week 220 euro)
  • Morning, afternoon and evening classes
  • A Funny communicative method, grammar in context
Starts from € 225.00 / week

/ ART HISTORY course

Venice and its artistic treasures await you and our teachers are ready to let you discover the masterpieces of famous Venetian artists ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age. You can closely observe with your own eyes the works of most important Venetian painters

  • Outdoor lessons
  • Visit of churches, museums, palaces
  • Teachers graduates in the conservation of cultural heritage
  • Course in Italian
    Starts from € 190.00 / week

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    E Sarah Carter
    Michele is a great teacher! I booked 5 hours of one to one classes over the week and found myself engrossed in a plethora of imaginative games and singing songs which made the experience of learning Italian great fun! Michele is warm hearted and absolutely passionate about language and finding cool ways to teach you. The big Brucey bonus was the air conditioned classroom - a perfect Oasis from the July heat!
    Marisa Ladstätter
    meraviglioso!!!!!! Non vediamo l‘ora di ritornare! Grazie per averci insegnato il conjuntivo!!!! Ci vediamo!
    Nestor Sinaga
    Questa scuola di lingua italiana è molto interessante, gli insegnanti usano tecniche moderne e giochi molto divertenti. Sono stato qui 3 mesi e tutti i giorni abbiamo fatto attività diverse anche con la musica. Consiglio a tutti questa scuola di italiano a Venezia!
    Liberius Sihombing
    I'm having a class about 4 months here. I'm happy and recommanded it.
    David Evans
    Michele is a very friendly and innovative teacher. I greatly enjoyed my one-to-one lessons with him. I can highly recommend his teaching techniques.
    Jelena Panzer
    Eva Brown
    Michele is a wonderful teacher. He is creative and engaging. He makes one want to go to class! We learned so much in 15 hours of class. Next time we would do 2 weeks. After our days in Venice we spent 2 more weeks in Italy. We used our improved skills during that time. It was rewarding to have a number of Italians comment on our knowing the language enough to communicate basically.
    Jane Grigsby
    The ONLY way to combine top notch Italian teaching, meeting awesome people and immersing yourself in a very special culture by two dear, lovely sweet people Venezia-mi mancate!🙏Michele è Albina sono meravglioso😘🍷
    Michele ist ein hervorragender Sprachlehrer: sehr sympathisch, beste Didaktik (von der ich als Prof einiges mitnehmen kann), lebensnahe Sprach- und Landeskunde. Die Stunden haben Spaß gemacht. Kurzum: einen Sprachkurs bei Michele kann ich nur empfehlen und freue mich schon wieder auf meinen nächsten Venedig Aufenthalt mit Sprachkurs bei Michele.
    I really recommend Easy Italian Language and Art school for anyone wanting to improve their level of Italian. The classes I had with Michele were not only interesting and fun but also gave my grammar, vocabulary and speaking levels a real boost. He used a great variety of teaching materials, and the semi-historical tour (with Michele) and the art history course (with Marco) completed the language immersion experience perfectly. I could understand quite a lot of Italian before, but thanks to the 3 weeks I spent at the school, I can now speak it too and am really motivated to continue learning.

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