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Yuri (Korea)

I studied italian for several weeks with Michele. He’s really kind and passionate. He always understand me and tried to meet my request. And in the classes he always prepared various acivities, which were interesting. Also he gave me advices about venice. It helped me to make great time in Venice.

Marie (Nice – France)

I was really pleased with the italian course at school. it was exactly what I wanted so I really felt like a VIP. Daniela is an excellent teacher, she is also fond of carnaval dresses, I even tried on 2 beautiful dresses she made herself.
Marco, the art teacher (a doctor in art) is very interesting, he made us discover the secrete Venice and the good and typical trattoria, gelateria ect…
A rich experience.
A wonderful stay I won’t forget.
thank you to the whole team. Marie from France

Yacinth (Netherland)
Michele is a very kind person that uses humor and a playful way of teaching.
I had 2 times per week a one on one class from him and I really enjoyed it.
I must say that I was not the best student because I was really busy so I didn’t practice enough next to the classes but Michele was very patient with me and did not mind repeating parts of the course over and over again.I would definitely recommend this class, his way of teaching is modern and focussing on speaking instead of writing and that worked really well for me.

Loucia (Nicosia Cyprus)
Michele takes the time to explain the material thoroughly. The lessons are very interactive and fun through various games . He encourages me to speak and engage in various dialogues thus, I am starting to gain confidence even when I make mistakes or feel self-conscious. He personalised the curriculum according to my needs and interests which helps me to learn faster. Also he has a lot of patience!
Faith (New Jersey – U.s.a)
My 2 teachers Michele Lenzerini and Daniela were wonderful. Their styles were very different which was great, making the 2 hours of one on one go by very fast. They were never in a rush at the end of the time , but would have been more than happy to continue teaching. I am truly hoping to return , and will definitely continue my studies.
Faith deroos



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