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what to do in Venice

What to do in Venice?

Our Venice Cultural net has been created in order to offer to every person that comes to visit Venice, a big range of possibilities to Enjoy Venice. There are some people who arrive in Venice and hasn’t got a specific plan. Some of these people think about What to do in Venice and for this reason we want reply to their question offering our activities.

We think that the most important point, is to immerse our visitors in Venetian/ Italian “cultural world”.

There are several different ways to reach this goal and we are sure that attending our different courses and activities, the visitors will apreciate our wonderful city and they  feeling  part of it, even for a short period.

We offer an opportunity to live Venice in a different funny and interesting way.

We are waiting for you!

Enjoy Venice with Venice Cultural Net!

 So What to do in Venice?

You can start with our  Italian Language & Art history Courses

Italian Language School in Venice

What to do in Venice?

Italian language courses

are held by qualified teachers, with a long experience of teaching both in Italy and abroad. Teachers use the communicative method, where students become the real protagonists of the lesson: they interact with one another and immediately put into practice what they just learnt. Particular attention is given to increasing the fundamental linguistic abilities, such as: Understanding, oral Production, written Production.

The Art History Courses

can be considered as a complement or a completion for the Italian Language Courses, because it doesn’t involve only teacher up-front lessons, since the student are also involved in seminar activities. The lessons take place both in class and outdoor: our method doesn’t involve Tour guide visits but, concerning the theme of the course, it requires the observation and the analysis of urbanism, of architecture and of art works in the historical context within which they were created.


Other ideas? What to do in Venice?

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Art Courses

“Painting in Venice”

Painting in Venice is an association promoting outdoor painting in Venice. Its directors are professional landscape painters as well as experienced teachers who practice their profession in today’s art world. They will teach you the essential notions of professional painting in a way that will allow you to achieve a finish taken from life that will leave a striking and emotional “handmade” memory of your stay in the city.

Work is performed in small groups, and the teachers will pay close attention to your personal artistic needs.





Intensive Courses

Summer is the time of intensive courses.
Traditionally held between July and August they include: printmaking, drawing and watercolor courses.  Sometimes, in addition to these courses there are sculpture, other painting form, bookbinding courses. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday (10.00 p.m – 17.00 p.m) 30 hours per course. Around at 13.00 there is 1 hour lunch break in the studio with teachers, students of different ages, backgrounds and the artist-chef  Course fee includes: lessons materials and lunch.


Eco-Boat tour

logo sestante

Belong to Venice Cultural Net

Our choice is to guide people in an environmentally friendly adventure. We are stimulating people to know and to observe closely, not as passive tourists,discovering the Venice lagoon and the inhabitants, in a peaceful atmosphere of group sharing.
For organized groups, we can provide ad hoc excursions: specific times, itinerary, boarding points, places to visit…
We have also a well-established experience in the field of school trips.
For an eco-friendly sailing, our boat has hybrid engine (diesel – electric) and solar photovoltaic system.

Sport activities

Venice by water – Kayak in Venice




 We are the Venice By Water Team and we offer guided tours by kayak, in Venice and its    Lagoon. We provide various tours, that fit the most various tastes. We have designed activities for sport lovers, nature passionates, food enthusiasts, families and more. The kayaks we use are sit-on-top, really stable and easy to use; the can also be equipped with a pedaling system.





L'altra Venezia

The Sports Association L’altra Venezia“, was created with the intent to promote and preserve what is actually the oldest and most authentic Venetian tradition: the Venetian rowing. The Association offers classes of Venetian rowing for all levels, from single lesson (lasting two hours) for those who simply want to try, to multiple lessons (from to 20 lessons) for those who seriously want to learn. Classes are held partly in the dock inside the Arsenal of Venice, partly in the lagoon or in the canals of the Castello’s district.   








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