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Study Italian

Study Italian in Italy

Study Italian
La tua valutazione
is the best way to learn very quick the language. Students will be directly in contact with a lot of Italian people, as soon as they get up. Students will listen Italian speaking in different situations such as at the bar, in supermarkets, at post office. Study Italian will be easy because, Italian language will surround the students and they will improve their Italian listening probably again, words that they learned in class. Have a study holiday in Italy learning Italian is the occasion to visit interesting, historical places in different part of our wonderful country. Venice, Verona, Roma, Firenze and other fantastic cities are such beautiful places that you will have a problem when you will have to leave Italy.


                                             Where to Learn Italian in Italy?


Italian School in Rome 


InClasse - Italian language School

Italian School in Verona


                                Study Italian and foreign languages ABROAD



Sprachschule Aktiv Munich



German language School in Berlin                                                 
Lingua Berlin


German and Italian language school in Berlin   





Linguaviva Educational Group








Genki Japanese and Culture School


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