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Venice food wine tour

Venice food wine tour

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Venice food wine tour
Venice food wine tour

Venice food wine tour

Bacaro cultural tour: Vino & CicchettiONE DAY – 2 hours- cultural tour

You will visit the  traditional Venetian bars called “bacari”

Venice food wine tour
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The bacaro is an unformal place where you can meet Venetians that meet their friends to chat and drink or eat something together. You will learn words linked with the food enviroment, with fun sentences, songs or proverbs.   Our teacher will give you some information about the wine and the production areas and you will pick up fun expressions of everyday use. It will be interesting to take a look to a part of real Venetian life.

Discover nice, old, traditional places where long time ago, famous Venetian people like “Casanova”, “Tintoretto”, “Canaletto”, “Goldoni” and others, used to go.    According to your Italian language level a specific type of  “Bacaro lesson” will be arranged.

Bacaro tour will have place in 3 places in one of Venetian area. (Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, Dorsoduro, Santa Croce)

Do  “Cin cin” (cheers) with the culture of Venetian food and drinks! You will not forgive this experience!

Enjoy Venice with Easy Italian Language & Art_ Venice school! You will discover an other Venice! Nice, traditional, real experience, you will feel like a Venetian for 2 hours.


When do it? Every monday (Other days or schedule on request)

Starting time:  6.00 P.m  at Guglie Bridge

End at 8.00 P.m at “Al Timon” (Venetian bar).

Price: 38 Euros per person (3 wine glasses + 3 Venetian finger food included)

Minimum number required: 2


For further information do not hesitate to contact us:


Tel/ whats app: 3491657401


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