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One day Venice Italian course

One day Venice Italian course

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One day Venice Italian Course (One Day – Fun Outing)
one day Venice Italian course

One day Venice Italian course

One Day Venice Italian Course is an  Italian Language survival course, a short fun Italian language course that is based on every day use Italian language sentences.

Students have the opportunity to walk  through Venice with our teachers, learning basic Italian language.

Venice is the unique city where tourists can walk without problems linked to the cars-buses-motors traffic. They can feel and “live” Venice atmosphere.

One day Venice Italian course is a funny idea to show to the students a part of Venice teaching Italian.

Students who join in this course have got free ice cream or a traditional Venetian aperitif.

So Join in our “Italian Language Survival course”

Visit Venice with a qualified teacher who will explain the most important italian language sentences to know.

Students receive a short brochure at the beginning of the tour and then during 2 hours walking tour with the help of the teacher they enjoy learning Italian.

Real situations, fun games, practice the language using it directly.


Date: Every Day   (Reservation in advance)

Starting at: Guglie Bridge at 10.00 A.M  (other time available on request)

Price: 38 Euros

Numbers of students: minimum 2

Free: Ice Cream or Aperitif or coffee + walking tour


For further information do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 00393491657401

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