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Long term Italian courses

Long term Italian courses in Venice

Long term Italian courses
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These courses last from 2 to 12 months. If you are interested in long term Italian courses, these are the courses that fit perfectly. Would you like to live Italy attending Italian language courses in Venice and live for more than some week in this beautiful city? You can come to Venice and attend our long term courses.

Why attend long term Italian courses in Venice?

  • City uniqueness
  • You are surrounded by Art enviroment
  • High quality and real modern and dynamic teaching way
  • Not expensive fees


How to get the Visa?

We help the students who would like to stay for more than 91 days in Italy to get the Visa but Italian Embassy will decide if accept or not to give you this document.

We higly advice you to check Italian Embassy Website to discover what you need to ask for a VISA

Check this website carefully: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

For trips less than 90 days, we advise you to come with tourist visa.
Citizens of the following countries don’t require a visa to frequent a language course in Italy:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia,
Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria,
Canada, Chile, Costa Rica,
El Salvador,
Gibraltar, Guatemala,
Ireland, Israel,
Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro,
New Zealand, Nicaragua, North Korea,
Panama, Paraguay,
Singapore, South Korea,
United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay,

Citizens of countries not listed are required to request a visa (possibly for a tourist visa) to frequent a language course in Italy (e.g. Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, India, Marocco, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the Ukraine).

How to request a tourist visa
The following documents are required to request a tourist visa (up to 90 days):

  • Request form
  • 1 passport format photograph
  • Passport with at least three months additional validity beyond the period for the requested visa, and with at least one empty page
  • Documentation confirming possession of financial means sufficient for sustenance during the stay in Italy
  • Return airplane ticket
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the stay (for medical treatment and hospital admissions)
  • Documentation that proves that you are in a socio-economic position or in a working and family position that guarantees your effective interest in returning to your own country at the end of the validity period of the visa
  • Confirmation of hotel booking or other accommodation.

The visa should be issued within 90 days (usually within 2 to 4 weeks) and its duration corresponds to the duration of the course you are going to frequent, and in any case not for longer than a year.


Prices 2018 year

  1.    2 months    160 hours     960 Euro
  2.    3 months    240 hours   1440 Euro
  3.    4 months    320 hours   1920 Euro
  4.    5 months    400 hours   2400 Euro
  5.    6 months    480 hours   2880 Euro
  6.    7 months     560 hours   3360 Euro
  7.    8 months     640 hours   3840 Euro
  8.    9 months     720 hours   4320 Euro
  9.  10 months     800 hours   4800 Euro
  10.  11 months      880 hours   5280 Euro
  11.  12 months      960 hours   5760  Euro

*Minimum students number required to activate Italian long term courses: 4 students of the same level

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