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Learning Italian in Venice

“Learning Italian in Venice” 

It is easy with Easy Italian Language & Art

Learning Italian in Venice is a “win win” ….imagine having the opportunity of learning one of the most beautiful languages, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Immerse yourself in the language and when it’s time for a break, sit in any of the many bars or cafes and sip on an aperol spritz , while enjoying some tasty Cichetti , accompanied by the soundtrack of water lapping, footsteps going by, and a cacophony of church bells at any hour!

Learning Italian in Venezia also means surrounding yourself with art and architecture wherever you gaze!!!

Cross any of the 400 or so bridges over idyllic canals, and you’ll find yourself wandering back in history as you pass palaces and churches built centuries ago!

Learning Italian in Venice means taking lessons from the most knowledgeable and caring teachers as you become more knowledgeable of not only the language, but a culture in an incomparable atmosphere!”

   Ever thought of learning Italian? You’re in good company! Over 200,000 people around the world take it up every year making it the fourth most studied language.

And not only do language skills help when travelling, they can also improve job prospects, boost mental activity and even protect against dementia. So if you want to learn more than just the phrasebook essentials of how to say hello, please and thank you in Italian what is the best way to get started? I went to talk to the team at Venice’s Easy Italian Language & Art School (EILA) to find out.

Learn Italian in Venice

Learning Italian in Venice

Learning Italian in Venice is easy

Michele, the school’s director, believe that the key to learning Italian quickly and easily is total immersion in the language, culture and Venetian way of life. They offer a range of courses designed to suit the needs of the individual student and to get you speaking Italian straight away. But as the name suggests, EILA is not just about learning the language. The team is passionate that in order for students to really gain an understanding of Italian, they need to also understand the art that surrounds them and communicates what it is to be Italian.

Learn Italian language and art with Venice's new Easy italian Language and Art School



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