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Learn Italian Venice Museum

Learn Italian Venice Museum
Learn Italian Venetian Museum

Learn Italian Venetian Museum

Learn Italian Venice Museum
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It is an other way to learn Italian Language. No tables, no regular chairs. Learning process is dynamic; you will have the possibility to observe, describe and do several different didactic activities during Italian Language course at museum.

If you expect a regular lesson with a table, it is not a course for you.

We advise to attend the other Italian language course that we organize in Cannaregio area.



If you are interested in art, you like to learn using your imagination, completly immersed in a fantastic enviroment, Querini Stampalia Museum is the right place.

You are at the center of learning process and you will interact with all the art-works that are at the museum.

Don’t waste your time and enroll joining in a unique Course in Italy. Only in Venice, organized by Easy Italian Language & Art in Querini Stampalia Museum.

Learn Italian Venice museum

Learning italian in Venice


Learn Italian Venice MuseumLearn Italian in Museum is the occasion for the students to be in contact with Venetian art world, visiting a gorgeus Venetian Palace (Querini Stampalia Museum and Library) situated close to San Marco Square.

Students immersed in old Venetian atmosphere.

A unique Italian language learning experience.

The first Italian language course in one Italian Museum.

Learning Italian in one wonderful city like Venice is a unique chance.

Easy Italian Language & Art_ Venice School invite you to join in:

“Italian language course in museum”

For further information about “Learn Italian Venice museum” do not hesitate to contact: eilaveniceschool@gmail.com

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