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Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian Italy

is the right choise. In Italy there are a lot of beautiful cities where  students can learn Italian language, starting for example from Venice, one of the most beautiful city in the world. Italy is plenty of cultural places such as: Venice, Roma, Florence, Verona, Napoli, Palermo

Learn Italian in Venice

is fantastic because Venice is unique and you will not have in other cities an experience like it. You will discover the city walking trough narrow streets and passing very nice squares.

You will apreciate this city in every period of the year with her cultural events such as International Biennale Art, International film festival. Venice is fantastic and there are also several place where you can relax drinking “Spritz” the typical Venetian drink eating “cichetti”, traditional Venetian food.

Study Italian in Italy  is interesting

to discover one country based on culture, meet Italian people, have fun and learning Italian language in innovative Italian language schools that use communicative method, fun activities and the student is every day stimulated.

Study abroad Italian in Italy

means understand Italian culture and be part of it, visiting important cities, doing several different types of activities such as: kitchen courses, drawing courses, mosaic courses, kayac courses and several other different one.

Learn Italian in Italy

is the only way to learn real Italian. You will attend a course and you will practice the language speaking with Italian. Don’t be shy, Italian will be happy if you will try to use the language and they will help you.

If you are interested in visiting mountains, lakes, nice sea places, art history cities, in Italy you will find all of these things.

You could start to study Italian language in Venice attending one month or one week course and then you could move to Verona, Florence, Rome, Sicily, to apreciate Italy.

So Welcome in Italy and if you start your trip from Venice choose Easy Italian Language & Art,

Learning Italian in Italy is Easy with us!

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