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kayak tour Venice


Kayak Tour Venice  +  Italian Language courses
Kayak tour Venice

Kayak tour Venice

kayak tour Venice
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The idea of Easy Italian Language & Art_ Venice School and “Venice by water” is to offer to the people interested in culture and sport, the possibility to join in our activities.

Students can attend short courses of 2 hours or weekly courses from 5 hours.

Our Idea is to customize courses according to the need of our customers.

Venice is a unique place where students can do Kayak during the afternoon or evening and attend Italian courses during the morning.

Easy Italian Language & Art_ Venice school give this oportunity to the students that attend the Italian courses because water is part of Venice and observing the city from an other point of view it is a chance that every person should have once in their life.


Kayak Tour
€ 30 (30 minutes/2 people)
€ 50 "Canals Tour" (1 hour/2 p.)
€ 90 "Snack & Paddle" (2h./2 p.)
Italian Language Course
€ 38 (2 hours course)
€ 150 Group (10 hours/p.week)
€ 240 Individual (10 hours/p.week)


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