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Italian language Scholarship

Italian language scholarship in Venice

Italian language Scholarship in Venice

Italian Language scholarship by Easy Italian Language & Art is for Italian Cultural Institutes or “Dante Alighieri” students.

Italian language Scholarship
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We are waiting for you, students from all over the world, we are internationalist and we love to work with people come from different culture in different part of the world.

Get our fantastic Italian language scholarship and study 2 weeks in Venice paying only one week.

Students who wants to refresh and increase their Italian language knowledge deciding to stay at least 2 weeks in Venice can join in our course.

Courses are concerning (A2, B1, B2) levels and they will start with the minimun number of 4 students.

Maximun students number for class is 10 students, in order to create interesting courses where the student is always at the center of learning process.

The Price for 2 weeks courses is 220 Euros.

Courses last 15 hours for week from Monday to Friday.

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Crazy Winter! Reserve now it is impossible to loose this occasion!!!

Offerta inverno EILA-1Offerta inverno EILA-2An example of our accomodations

Offerta inverno EILA-3

For University Students in the world

Italian language course DISCOUNT




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