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Italian classes Venice

Italian classes Venice

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italian classes venice

                           Italian classes Venice

Italian classes Venice

Italian classes Venice
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Italian classes Venice, Italian language courses are held by qualified teachers, with a long experience of teaching both in Italy and abroad. Teachers use the communicative method, where students become the real protagonists of the lesson: they interact with one another and immediately put into practice what they just learnt. Particular attention is given to increasing the fundamental linguistic abilities, such as: Understanding, oral Production, written Production.

People who are interested in music and love to sing, can follow some Italian language lessons (A1 Level) with the innovative method of the “Total Physical Singing Response” (T.P.S.R.), conceived by our responsible of the language sector (M.A M. Lenzerini).

The method founds itself on the idea of tying the movement to the song. The carrying out at the same time of the two actions, favors in fact the spontaneous Italian language learning. You will improve your Italian quickly.

In addition, according to the linguistic level of the students, there are also special lessons around the city of Venice, where the students will get in contact with venetian everyday life. The basic idea of E.I.L.A.,  in fact, it is to immerse the students completely in the language and in the Venetian-Italian culture.

Every course will have a pre-arranged program and, for the individual courses, it will be possible to arrange it according to the needs of every student. There are several different Italian language courses like the following:

The courses are  intensive (7,5/10/15 hours per week) or extensive, with a weekly or biweekly frequency.

This is very good for students who will live in Venice for long time and decide to have only once or twice lessons per week.

For more information about the courses you can click on the following ones here below:

 Moreover we have got specific courses for your need such as:

  • specific Cils, Plida, Celi Italian Language ability exam preparation
  • Italian Language for business
  • Italian language course through the Music (T.P.S.R,  Singing and Listening music, Role play, Acting)
  • Italian language and Venetian culture course

For further information do not hesitate to contact us:

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