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Flight attendants Italian course

Flight attendants Italian course
Flight attendants Italian Course

Flight attendants Italian course

Flight attendants Italian Course is really intensive and consists in 1 week/2 weeks lessons.

Flight attendants Italian course
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This is a course for cabin crew members who’d like to be able to communicate with Italian passengers in their native tongue.

There are Italian people that live and work in every part of the world, a massive quantity of Italian tourists use to move on holiday to North America, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, other part of  Europe and Africa.

There are several foreigner companies that pay attention to the language knowledge of their F/A and during recruitment day they prefer to engage cabin crew that know 2 or 3 languages plus their mother tongue language. Learning Italian will be useful to communicate in Italian language with Italian passengers.

In our school we have also one ex flight attendant that use to fly from Italy to several long haul destinations, thank to him we organize really useful courses for you.

There are 2 types of Italian language courses.

Flight attendants Italian course (Beginner level)

During this course of  10 or 15 hours per week the students will learn:

  • Words linked up the cabin place (like: aisle, backrest, window…)
  • Words linked up airplane part of the cabin, food and beverage service, duty-free service.
  • Sentences about normal boarding security procedures.

(For example:”Sorry Lady/sir you can’t put your hand luggage under your seat, you are close to an overwing emergency exit. I help you to put on the hatbox”)

  •  Learn dialogues on topic linked to tourist world (advices for nice places to visit, hotels…) or referring to time of airplane arrival.
  •  Learn to read  2 or 3 most important announces like this:”Ladies and gentleman for safety reason, return to your seat, fasten your seat belt and keep them fastened untill the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off”
Flight attendants Italian course (Intermediate level)

The course lasts 10 or 15 hours (From Monday to Friday) it is for the cabin crew that have got a basic knowledge of Italian and they want to improve their Italian.

During the course the students will:

  • Read and refresh basic announcements
  • Create more difficult dialogues and be able to understand and reply to any questions
  • Learn polite specific sentences,learn formal Italian language and Imperative
  • Improve communication skills with passengers and with airport staff in general (ramp staff , ground staff, cleaners…) using role play
  • Learn exactly 2 emercency procedures announcements in case of ditching or emergency landing on ground.
  • Increase conversation level about general topics about tourism, beauty of places, hobbies, culture…

So… Cabin Crew: Welcome on board this flight “Easy Italian Language & art 2017”

For Airlines Company Ceo/ Training course manager

If you would like to organize together an Italian language course for your Flight Attendants our teachers can come directly on your Company offices in Venice Marco Polo Airport.

For further information contact:


For F/A:

If you show us your Cabin crew ID or Crew Member, you will receive discount of 10% on every our school activities.

For further information contact:
E-mail: eilaveniceschool@gmail.com
Tel: +393491657401
Skype: m.lenzerini


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