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Art history course Venice

Art History Course Venice

Art history course Venice
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The Art History Course, held by experienced and highly qualified teachers, can be considered as a complement or a completion for the Italian Language Courses, because it doesn’t involve only teacher up-front lessons, since the student are also involved in seminar activities.

For this reason, A2 Level Italian language competency is required.

The lessons take place both in class and outdoor: our method doesn’t involve Tour guide visits but, concerning the theme of the course, it requires the observation and the analysis of urbanism, of architecture and of art works in the historical context within which they were created.

Part of the didactic activity will therefore take place in the open and/or inside museums, churches and monuments.

The duration of the “Art history course Venice” will be from ten till fifteen hours per week.

In addition, E.I.L.A organizes brief daily Venetian Art History courses (3-6 hours per day), devoted to the close examination of a specific theme, monographic, with the possibility of going with the students to the sites where the artworks, object of the study, are exposed.

At the end of the courses, E.I.L.A. will release a certificate of attendance.

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